1. 2023

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    Vitor Sudbrack and Charles Mullon

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  2. 2022

    Assessing the best time interval between doses in a two-dose vaccination regimen to reduce the number of deaths in an ongoing epidemic of SARS-CoV-2

    Leonardo Souto Ferreira,..., Vitor Sudbrack and others

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  3. 2022

    Percolation across households in mechanistic models of non-pharmaceutical interventions in SARS-CoV-2 disease dynamics

    Caroline Franco,..., Vitor Sudbrack and others

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  4. 2020

    Magnetoreception in multicellular magnetotactic prokaryotes: a new analysis of escape motility trajectories in different magnetic fields

    Ana Gabriela Veiga,..., Vitor Sudbrack and Daniel Acosta-Avalos

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  5. 2018

    Master equation for the degree distribution of a Duplication and Divergence network

    Vitor Sudbrack, Leonardo G Brunnet, Rita MC de Almeida, Ricardo M Ferreira and Daniel Gamermann

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